College Astronomy – Site Update

Obviously, since there’s nothing on the site right now I had some problems.  At this point, I’m working on rebuilding everything because our server decided that it didn’t want to exist anymore and catastrophically took all the data with it.

Luckly, much credit to Google Cache, I was able to retrieve most of the information in the articles that I had already posted.  Unfortunately, anything on the back side, not yet posted, is lost for all time; 3-4 articles worth that had taken quite some time to get as far as I had on each of them.

Either way, life will go on, even as reluctantly things start new.  Given my recent status as a student again and my need to review Calculus to the capacity of testing out of it by July 30th and rebuilding this site (and about a dozen others).  Updates here will probably be sparse until everything is under control again.  I will re-post articles that I had already had on this site as quickly as I can.  Please check back soon for updates!