Out of gas and dust… well… electrons anyhow… CollegeAstronomy.com was born on August 26th 2009!  This is something that I’ve wanted to put together for quite some time but have not had the time, drive or opportunity to do until recently.  This sites humble legacy includes an astronomy related page on GeoCities in 1997 that was updated with information on general astronomy news and space shuttle statuses.  The net has come a long way since then; so has astronomy.

The intent for this site is to provide astronomy related topics and discussion from basic, entry-level through advanced college material.  To provide a community for the discussion of astronomy, math and physics (since they go hand in hand) related topics primarily focusing on education.  In part, to help myself with my current and future coursework as well as to help others in the subject to promote better understanding of these topics.

Submission of questions and article contributions are highly encouraged.

In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. – Carl Sagan