Godspeed Shuttle Discovery & Crew!

One final leap into the great blue yonder. May your ride be as free from bumps and thumps as much as possible (tall order to fill riding on top of some rockets) and may you safely depart and arrive after your mission is complete. I would love to be on the ground to see this one go up, but unfortunately it isn’t something that’s just not in the realm of possibility.

The crew has made it to Kennedy Space Center and if all goes well should launch into space for one final mission aboard the orbiter Discovery on November 1st around 4:40 PM EDT. Be sure to watch on NASATV

Discovery is the most flown orbiter in the fleet and among a massive repertoire of amazing accomplishments includes the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope and the missions to correct the optics and being the orbiter that returned us to space after the Challenger and Columbia disasters.

Space.com has posted a wonderful clip which summarizes Discovery’s career and historic accomplishments (in 3 parts). Give it a watch, the clips are only around 5 minutes each and very informative.

Shuttle Discovery Part 1

Shuttle Discovery Part 2

Shuttle Discovery Part 3

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